The Ferryboat Line Varna - Kavkaz
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The Ferryboat Line Varna – Kavkaz

Trident Freight Ltd. acts as an agent on the ferry line connecting Varna with the Russian port of Kavkaz. Officially opened on 03.03.2009, the line is served by two Russian single deck ships, m/v “Avangard” and m/v “Slavyanin” with load capacity, respectively 45 and 50 wagons.

The Varna ferry complex is the only Black Sea railway ferry terminal enabling the swapping of railway bogies from European to Russian standard. It is located on the west shore of lake Beloslav, approximately 30 km away from the city of Varna. With this unique advantage the terminal offers a short and inexpensive route for cargo between Europe and Asia.

With favourable sea and weather conditions the transit to the port of Kavkaz will take 40 hours.