Chartering and Brokerage
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Chartering & Brokerage

On the International market for general, bulk and liquid goods Trident Freight Ltd. is representing as a broker a broad group of ship-owners and shippers as well.

Based on a good professional knowledge and gained experience, keeping strictly the ethical rules we offer our service for full attendance to the customers, including market appraisal, correct and skilful methods for negotiations and the necessary consideration on the post fixture matters.

Relying on our good contacts with first class ship-owners and ships’ operators’ worldwide we are in a position to cover the necessity of the shippers for tonnage of 2000 mts connected with the local trade up to vessels Panamax size for the International trade and vessels for part cargo shipments as well.

We are always at clients’ disposal for chartering of all types of ships such as multipurpose vessels, vessels for bulk cargoes, RO-RO vessels, vessels for shipment of out gauged cargoes and tanker vessels.