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The company

In searching for ways to improve, we have always used as our criteria the achievements of leading companies in our industry.

Considering the competitive environment in which you perform your business, we know that you need to optimize costs and increase the quality of your goods and services. In this regard, we provide you our professional support, we believe that we can cooperate in a beneficial manner to achieve this.

We strive for our business not to be just business and we have an overall vision, which is formed by prospects, opportunities, realization of ideas, united in one thing – this is our vocation.


Our clients save time and money


Professionalism becomes a passion, clients become an inspiration


Experienced, dedicated, flexible and highly motivated


The optimal realisation of your projects


We have always been dedicated to building the present and future success of our clients.

Adhering closely to the established policy of quality, we give the client the assurance that they will achieve a reliable and consistent service in accordance with their requirements.

We believe that we are prepared to take the next step – utilizing the energy and professionalism of our team, to strive for growth and leadership in our market niche.

Statistics for 2013/2014

Agency services: 230 vessels
Processed containers: 2725 TEU
Road transportation: 1144