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The Services


Close cooperation is required with transporters in every mode – road, rail, sea and air transportation. Freight forwarders are constantly negotiating freight rates with transport providers, comparing the costs of moving cargo along different routes via different modes and then designing logistics infrastructures which provide the best compromise between cost, speed and reliability.


With the experience gained through the years in the Shipping Business, “Trident Freight” LTD is able to meet any kind of requirements connected with the Vessels’ call to any Bulgarian ports.


Freight forwarding is all about the smooth flow of international trade. The freight forwarder is the party who ensures that internationally traded goods move from point of origin to point of destination to arrive – at the right place, at the right time, in good order and condition, at the most economic cost


We are engaged in the Dry and Liquid cargo sector as Ship and Cargo broker. We are active on worldwide basis on behalf of an extensive group of Charterers and Shipowners.