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New semi-closed area for cargo handling and storage

Beginning of 2020 marks the completion of the construction of a semi-closed area for processing and storage of goods on an area of ​​2800 sq.m. Area is certified for bonded storage of goods under the Bulgarian Customs Regulations for Bonded Storage.

Total area of ​​the warehouse is 16,800 sq.m., inclusive covered area of 7,500 sq.m., a semi-closed area of ​​2,800 sq.m. and bonded warehouse – 4,050 sq.m.

The logistics base has:

• Specialized belt conveyor for containerization of cereals and oilseeds and other bulk cargo.

• Mobile transshipment ramp for containerization and decontainerization of general cargo.

• Bunker for packing bulk cargo in bags and big bags and 3 mt electronic dosing scale.

• Certified truck scale for weighing trucks with a capacity of 70 tons.

• NOXON stretch film wrapping machine

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Trident Freight has just delivered its third warehouse adding more capacity and more value to our customers.
New closed warehouse is with capacity of 2500 sq.m. divided into two halls:

Hall №5 – 1250 sq.m.
Hall №6 – 1250 sq.m.

With this total capacity of closed warehouses is 7500 sq.m. in 6 separate multipurpose halls for general and bulk cargoes.

Open warehouse area of about 3000 sq.m.
for transhipment operations and storage of loads in the open.

Services include:

  • Container stuffing grain and oilseed crops in bulk using modern high-efficiency technology;
  • Loading, unloading, incl. containerization and decontamination of other bulk and general cargoes;
  • Packaging and unpacking of bulk cargo in / from bags and big bags;
  • Palletizing and depalletising of goods;
  • Lashing, securing and unlashing of loads;
  • Weighting services;
  • Storage of goods in indoor and outdoor areas. (more…)
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Trident Freight registered bonded warehouse in the area of Devnya

Only 2 km away from Port of Varna West, 3 km from Hemus highway and with direct connection to the national railway infrastructure, Trident Freight opens a licensed bonded warehouse with the capacity of 1250 sq.m.

Customs Agency has released all necessary procedures for storage of cargoes under customs control, according to new EU Customs regulations and procedures.

Trident Freight is the first company acting under the new EU procedures and together with Varna Customs successfully implemented all requested documents.

All warehouses are licensed by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) for the storage of grain, feed and food of non-animal origin.

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