Beginning of 2020 marks the completion of the construction of a semi-closed area for processing and storage of goods on an area of ​​2800 sq.m. Area is certified for bonded storage of goods under the Bulgarian Customs Regulations for Bonded Storage.

Total area of ​​the warehouse is 16,800 sq.m., inclusive covered area of 7,500 sq.m., a semi-closed area of ​​2,800 sq.m. and bonded warehouse – 4,050 sq.m.

The logistics base has:

• Specialized belt conveyor for containerization of cereals and oilseeds and other bulk cargo.

• Mobile transshipment ramp for containerization and decontainerization of general cargo.

• Bunker for packing bulk cargo in bags and big bags and 3 mt electronic dosing scale.

• Certified truck scale for weighing trucks with a capacity of 70 tons.

• NOXON stretch film wrapping machine