Trident Freight has just delivered its third warehouse adding more capacity and more value to our customers.
New closed warehouse is with capacity of 2500 sq.m. divided into two halls:

Hall №5 – 1250 sq.m.
Hall №6 – 1250 sq.m.

With this total capacity of closed warehouses is 7500 sq.m. in 6 separate multipurpose halls for general and bulk cargoes.

Open warehouse area of about 3000 sq.m.
for transhipment operations and storage of loads in the open.

Services include:

  • Container stuffing grain and oilseed crops in bulk using modern high-efficiency technology;
  • Loading, unloading, incl. containerization and decontamination of other bulk and general cargoes;
  • Packaging and unpacking of bulk cargo in / from bags and big bags;
  • Palletizing and depalletising of goods;
  • Lashing, securing and unlashing of loads;
  • Weighting services;
  • Storage of goods in indoor and outdoor areas.