• 46, Raiko Jinzifov Str. Varna 9000, Bulgaria
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Based on 2 km from Port of Varna West, 3 km from Hemus highway and with a direct connection to the national railway infrastructure by availabilities of its own railway track with capacity of 25 wagons. The warehouse is convenient multimodal terminal for import, export and transit cargo traffics.


Trident Freight Warehouse offers a wide range of conveying and warehousing services such as:

Hall №6 – 1250 sq.m.is licensed as a bonded warehouse from Customs Agency for storage of cargoes under customs control.

Stuffing of grain and oilseed crops in bulk using high-efficiency technology.

Containerisation and decontainerisation of variety of bulk and general cargo.

Packaging and unpacking of bulk cargo in / from bags and big bags.

We are offering full palletizing and depalletizing service, together with fumigation.
We are operating with NOXON Stretch Packing Machine, saving up to 50 % on consumables and energy for our clients.
Stretch film protects your cargo from external factors during storage and shipping.

Our lashing team is specialized in providing best solutions depending on cargo specification and means of transport.
By partnership with CORDSTRAP – a world leader in production of securing and lashing systems. Using of Cordstrap Composite (CC) lashing, also known as “Synthetic Steel” is the latest development in strapping technology. Manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarns embedded in a polymer coating.

Certified weighbridge with capacity of 70 tons is available within premises of the warehouse, providing weighting service.
VGM issuance is available for containers.


The equipment park includes:

3 pcs. Volvo (L90 and L220) and Komatsu WA470-6 skid steer loaders

4 pcs. Nissan, Mitsubishi, Heli and Balkancar forklifts.

2 pcs. Svetruck and Kalmar front loaders for operating with empty containers

Highly efficient technology system includes a specially designed new conveyor belt for stuffing of grain, crops and other bulk cargoes.

Mobile hydraulic 16-ton loading ramp for stuffing and stripping of general cargoes in containers.

Bucket for packing of bulk cargo in bags and big bags equipped with 3-ton electronic dosing scales.

Certified weighbridge with capacity of 70 tons.

NOXON Stretch Packing Machine.

The fire system is built in accordance with all modern requirements for fire hazard. All warehouses are equipped with fire hydrants and fire extinguishers. The buildings are equipped with fireproof roofs and separating doors.

Fire station in 3 km remote from the warehouse is in nonstop readiness.

A qualified team of experienced specialists is at your disposal for advice on handling and storing of your cargo.

Storage base address:

Lot: 20482.505.526

Industrial area – South of Devnya, Varna district, Bulgaria.

GPS coordinates: 43°12’07.6″N 27°37’29.4″E

Google maps coordinates: 43.202119, 27.624823

e-mail: baza@trident-freight.bg


Total area of the base is 16 800 sq.m. inclusive of:

Semi-closed (2800 sq.m.) and closed warehouse with capacity of 7500 sq.m. divided into 6 separate multipurpose halls for general and bulk cargoes.

Hall №1 – 1372 sq.m.

Hall №2 – 1148 sq.m.

Hall №3 – 1100 sq.m.

Hall №4 – 1100 sq.m.

Hall №5 – 1250 sq.m.

Hall №6 – 1250 sq.m.is and semi-closed area with 2800 sq.m. are licensed as a bonded warehouse from Customs Agency for storage of cargoes under customs control.

All warehouses are licensed by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) for the storage of grain, feed and food of non-animal origin.

Open warehouse area of about 3000 sq.m.

for transhipment operations and storage of loads in the open.